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FHIR Functions


Signature: $resourceId(query)

Returns the logical id ( of the result of the search query. The search query is a string that starts with the resourceType and followed by a question mark and any number of FHIR search parameters and values, seperated by &. If the same search was performed ion a FHIR server - this is the part of the URL that comes after the server's base address.

The search SHALL return zero or one resources, otherwise as error is returned (this rule is based on the FHIR's definition of conditional reference).


Signature: $literal(query)

Works the same as the resourceId() function, only it returns the relative URL of the matching resource, so it can be used as a literal reference.

Signature: $search(query[, summary[, pageSize]])

Returns the search result Bundle that the server responded with for the query. If the optional boolean summary is true, FUME will request the server to return the resources in summary mode. The optional pageSize parameter is used to tell the server how many resources should be returned in a single Bundle.


Signature $resolve(literal)

Resolves a literal reference against the FHIR server and returns the resulting resource.